F5 Networks: An “agile” approach to management

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When federal information technology professionals think of F5 Networks, they think of load balancing.  On this week’s Federal Tech Talk, Mike Convertino, vice president of Technology and Security Products  at F5 Networks, explained how his company has taken the core of the business to a new level.

Head shot of Mike Convertino
Mike Convertino, VP Technology, Security Products, F5 Networks

The most recent conference the F5 sponsored was not titled “Network Management,” it was called “Global Agility Conference.”  This is an indication that the services that F5 provides allows enterprises to leverage their network systems in a newer, more flexible manner.

The basis for this transition is managing applications.  When large organizations try to adapt to new cyber threats or new technologies, they need to take their existing systems and turn on a dime.   During the interview, Convertino highlighted how F5 Networks has a laser focus on managing applications and how that gives federal information professionals simplified operations, business agility, and cost savings.

The discussion ranged from “per app” architecture to application “capital” to zero trust.

In today’s climate of federal agencies’ need to reduce cost and move systems safely to the cloud, they consider the offerings from F5. This company has built on its legacy of load balancing and enhanced its capacity in order to give users flexible ways to manage apps and cyber security.

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