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Artificial Intelligence can be applied in many situations. The question is – can it be applied to federal IT?

Cameron Chehreh, the chief operating officer, chief technology officer and vice president at Dell EMC Federal, can answer that question.  He joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to explain the impact of IoT and federal security.

Head shot of Cameron Chehreh
Cameron Chehreh. Dell EMC Federal

This is a discussion of how networks can be improved to take advantage of new technology that is deluging federal information technology professionals with data.  Chehreh addresses issues like complex networks, legacy installations, budget concerns, as well as sharing cyber intelligence.

Some estimate that by 2020 there will be four devices for each human being.  It only makes sense that the federal government will be inundated as well.  There are concerns as to just finding out it any IoT devices are on a federal network.

During the discussion a recent DHS study was mentioned that stated that most federal agencies have 44 percent more devices on their network than they realized.  One difficult question that Chehreh handled was, Does IoT cause more problems than it solves?

The interview then moved on to the role of flash storage in the federal world.

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