IT security

David HillsHead shot of Cheryl Davis

Improving the nation’s cybersecurity

Cheryl Davis, senior director for Strategic Initiatives at Oracle, joined host Roger Waldron on Off the Shelf to discuss the many cybersecurity challenges…

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A unique perspective on cybersecurity

Deborah Pierre-Louis, director of IT Security Policy, Liaison, and Training, Bureau of Information Resource Management, Department of State, discusses…

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Dan Goure

Dan Goure: Six steps to securing the Pentagon’s networks

The Defense Department needs a 21st century security network that can handle a growing number of sophisticated threats. The Pentagon has already put a…

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Richard Spires

Richard Spires: Digging into root causes of government’s IT security

Chief information officers know more now about long standing issues with federal IT security thanks to the cyber breaches at the Office of Personnel Management. Those problems date back to the 1990s when cyber threats started to change and agencies didn’t try to keep up. Richard Spires is CEO of Resilient Network Systems and former chief information officer at the Homeland Security Department. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose about three big problems with federal IT security.

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