Innovative concepts in satellite communications

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When they write the history of technology in 2018 there will be entire chapters on blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence. There is so much innovation taking place in federal information technology that innovations in space technology gets swept under the rug.

Head shot of Barry Matsumori
Barry Matsumori, CEO, BridgeSat Inc.

Barry Matsumori is the CEO of BridgeSat, Inc.  He tells host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk that federal IT systems depend on satellite information.

According to Matsumori, data is traditionally transferred via a radio frequency, commonly called RF.  Very reliable, he said,  but slow and there have been reports of signals being intercepted.

During the interview, Matsumori talks about a better mousetrap.  He suggests that laser technology can be applied to signal transmission.  He argues that the signal is faster and much more difficult to intercept.

Although laser-based satellite communications does sound like something out of a science fiction movie, innovative concepts in communications will have to be considered for those people looking at autonomous vehicles.

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