A view from the trenches of healthcare IT

(This show originally aired on December 11, 2018)

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Today’s guest Brian Ahier, president of Advanced Health Information Exchange Resources (AHIER), is passionate about healthcare, technology, and open data.

Brian Ahier
Brian Ahier

Ahier has 50,000 Twitter followers and decades of experiences in the trenches of healthcare IT. He combines that practical knowledge with keeping updated on all current healthcare trends.

As a result of his broad background, the interview touched on everything from democratized artificial intelligence to blockchain to certified electronic health care records and cybersecurity.  This is a timely topic because of the proliferation of IoT devices in hospitals.

One concept that is relevant to healthcare data is what Ahier calls “information blocking.” Administrators must be cognizant of the sensitivity of healthcare data an understand some of the subtle concepts of data transparency.

But don’t think his expertise ends at the hospital door. Ahier is current with all the developments on Capitol Hill when it comes to healthcare legislation.  He explained MACRA and the 21st Century Cures Act.

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