Data management in 2019

What are the data management trends in 2019? Find out when Patrick Sullivan, director of Security Technology and Strategy at Akamai, joins host John Gilroy on t...

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Most listeners know about Akamai because of its decades-long reputation for improving speed of delivery of Internet services world-wide. Well, today’s Akamai has taken advantage of its position as a leader in cyber security as well.

Head shot of Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan, director, Security Technology & Strategy, Akamai

It makes sense — if your foundation is understanding network traffic, you can build on that expertise to control malicious traffic as well.

This week on Federal Tech Talk, Patrick Sullivan, director of  Security Technology and Strategy at Akamai, talked about Zero Trust, bots, bot networks, software defined networks and . . . whew . . . security operations centers.

One fascinating aspect of the discussion was where to focus on cybersecurity. Sullivan mentioned that any network system administrators tend to focus on securing the web interface; studies have shown that attackers prefer going after the Application Program Interface (API).

Another way the network can control is through login attempts. Some studies estimate that  between November 2017 and June 2018 there were 30 billion malicious attempts at logins. The rise of data from IoT and constant attack federal systems means that sometimes, controlling the network can reduce the attack surface at the edge.

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