New methods to combat cyber threats

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy spoke with Rick Pina, chief technology adviser at World Wide Technology.

Pina has 25 years’ experience working in technology in the Department of Defense. Today, he works at World Wide Technology (WWT), a St. Louis-based company which recently opened a technology center in downtown Washington, D.C.

Head shot of Rick Pina
Rick Pina, chief technology advisor, World Wide Technology

Pina recounted how when he was attempting to evaluate products he had an elaborate way to assemble and set up test beds for complex systems. It was expensive, difficult, and time consuming. The WWT offers a single location where systems can be compared in an environment what allows for “What if” scenarios to be played out. An enterprise architect, or person involved with information assurance, can see what happens when systems are integrated in a dynamic manner.

Because of his experience, Pina knows that responding to cyber threats has changed drastically over the years.  He recalled how some in the military would put “rings around things,” a reference to setting put perimeters and firewalls.

There is no doubt that today’s security matrix must include traditional defenses, however, cyber threats are changing and modifying so greatly that a new approach is demanded. Pina mentioned the concept of Zero Trust, for example.  New methods of security must be implemented in manners that are consistent with compliance and system integration.

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