Oracle: Moving large federal systems to the hybrid cloud

Mark Johnson, vice president, Department of Defense at Oracle, joined host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how his company can help fede...

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviewed Mark Johnson, vice president, Department of Defense at Oracle. He spent 20 years in the Navy in a variety of roles including as a test pilot, and combined that methodical approach to a substantial knowledge of large federal systems to give listeners an insight on how to strategically make the move to a hybrid cloud environment.

Mark Johnson, Oracle

It is obvious that the federal government is making huge changes when it comes to a move to the cloud. The story that is not told is what is the best role played by the government and the best role played by a vendor in this transition. How much should a fed bite off and when to call for help?

During the interview, Johnson referred to a study that indicated only two of 10 legacy federal systems have full modernization plans. These systems cost $337 million a year to maintain.

Johnson took many of the lessons he learned in the Navy to give insights on this needed transition. Rather than just thinking of a “Lift and shift,” he suggested a deeper understanding of cloud native capabilities. With this approach, true innovation can take place. He suggests that one factor of evaluating success is to make sure user experience is monitored after the transition. What good is a system that nobody wants to use?

Johnson also includes a reference to getting a deep understanding of the pricing model of any cloud solution so you can understand the costs if a system scales and the costs upon egress.

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