DevSecOps: The wave of the future

Bob Stevens of GitLab joined host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss the entire process of the software development life cycle and provide ...

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy spoke with Bob Stevens, Area VP of Public Sector at GitLab. Stevens described the entire process of the software development life cycle and provided guidelines on ways to incorporate testing in all aspects of project completion.

Bob Steven, Area VP, Public Sector, GitLab

The problem was recognized back in 2005 when the creator of Linux, Linus Torvald, correctly diagnosed the problem with several people working on one large software project. There was no way to track changes. He produced an open-source solution called “Git.”

One concern was different teams would be using a variety of tools for a project. It is quite possible that each person may be using a different version of a tool, leading to chaos in the final project.

Agile software development was a significant boost to the concept of source code management. Some federal studies show 60% of federal agencies are using an iterative approach to software development.

Finally, Covid-19 has pushed developers to work remotely, and a system that manages the entire project has been proven to be successful in many agencies.

GitLab provides a platform for enterprise-level source code management. During the interview, Stevens uses example after example of how an organization can increase velocity visibility while, at the same time, building in security to the entire process.

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