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DISA Releases $6.5 Billion IT Final Request for Proposal: Top 20

The Defense Information Systems Agency released a final request for proposal on Oct. 11 for a 10-year $6.5 billion single-award contract known as Global Solutio...

The Defense Information Systems Agency released a final request for proposal on Oct. 11 for a 10-year $6.5 billion single-award contract known as Global Solutions Management – Operations II (GSM-O II).

GSM-O II, the follow-on to the single-award GSM-O contract that has generated nearly $1.9 billion for Leidos Holdings Inc., is the focus of this week’s Bloomberg Government Top 20 Opportunities.

The contract will continue to provide IT and telecommunications services to keep the Department of Defense (DOD) Information Network (DODIN)/Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) operational. DODIN/DISN is the agency’s all-encompassing information and communication technology system. It involves everything necessary to collect, store, disseminate, and manage information on demand to joint warfighters, policy makers, and support personnel worldwide.

Services under the GSMO-O II contract will include operating and sustaining the network, defending the network, providing access to new customers, monitoring network health, restoring service if necessary, and implementing improvements to existing capabilities.

The agency released a second draft RFP on June 25, and the government expects to host site visits at both DISA Global Operations Command East (at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois) and West (at Hill AFB, in Utah) on Nov. 6 through 9. Final proposals are due on Nov. 11. An award is scheduled in June.

The GSM-O contract has averaged about $265 million in obligations each year since it was established in fiscal 2012, reaching its $336 million peak in fiscal 2016, and its lowest level, $12 million, in fiscal 2013. Leidos took over management of the contract after it acquired Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Services division in August 2016.

What’s Ahead

DISA increased the value of GSM-O II to $6.5 billion from $4.6 billion on GSM-O. The increased ceiling value will allow for additional services, such as:

  • Cybersecurity and computer network defense initiatives..
  • Supporting initiatives that have been or will be integrated into the DODIN/DISN, including those migrating from GSM Engineering, Transition, and Implementation (GSM-ETI) and GSM-Projects and Support (GSM-P&S).
  • Stand-alone and companion network activities, such as those supporting the Missile Defense Agency.
  • Emerging activities that deliver a more efficient approach to agency-wide network operations and sustainment.

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