Hot topics in federal benefits

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May 15, 2017 – Join our host Bob Leins as he welcomes Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist, to the studio to talk about hot topics in federal benefits.

What is on 2017’s horizon for federal benefits?


• Will the calculation change from the current High-3, to a High-5?

• Will all FERS employees be required to contribute more for their retirement annuities?

• Are proposed changes to the COLA Formula going to happen? Will the changes affect everyone?

• Tracking the size of employee raises and the retiree COLA for next year — announcements on final figures are due in the next several months.

• 2016 FEGLI OS elections become effective in October 2017. How long do you need this new level of coverage to take it with you into retirement?

• Early outs being offered at EPA — will other agencies follow suit — and will offered finally exceed the traditional $25K?

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