Online courses re-shaping higher education

On this week's Capital Impact show, Bloomberg Government analysts will examine how online college courses are afffecting higher education in the U.S. November 2...

This week on BGOV’s Capital Impact show hosted by Allen Scott:

  • College costs have risen more than 400 percent in nominal terms in the past three decades, which makes the inexpensive and efficient nature of online education most attractive. As the transition to more online courses evolves, will our traditional brick and mortar institutions pay the ultimate price by eventually closing their doors? Bloomberg Government’s Director of Research Robert Litan will discuss his findings in his latest study: Rise of Online Courses Promises to Reshape U.S. Higher Education.
  • President Barrack Obama promised to tackle higher education costs by calling on Congress to consider “value, affordability and student outcomes” when authorizing $150B dollars in financial aid. What is the appropriate mix of affordable online courses with classroom work? Doctor Marie Cini is the provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland University College. She joins the program to discuss the academic initiatives that have kept UMUC in the forefront of adult and technology-mediated education.

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Allen Scott (moderator) specializes in customer on boarding and training at Bloomberg Government. Allen previously worked at Arbitron, Inc. where he served in a variety of roles from customer service to sales operations manager. Prior to Arbitron, Allen worked in radio for several years in the Washington and Baltimore areas. Most recently he spent six years at 99.1 HFS as co-host and news director.
Robert Litan is director of research at Bloomberg Government. He was previously vice president for research and policy at the Kauffman Foundation and a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution, where his research included topics in regulation, financial institutions, telecommunications, entrepreneurship and general economic policy. Between 1993 and 1996 he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of civil antitrust litigation at the Department of Justice and then as associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.
Marie Cini, PhD is the provost and senior vice president of Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland University College. Dr. Cini has published and presented extensively on the topics of authentic assessment and academic integrity, leadership development in adult learners, retention and adult learners, and curriculum design for adult students. Her current interest is focused on the next generation of technologically-enabled post-secondary education.

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