Ethics & the Defense Industry Initiative

What role does the Defense Industry Initiative play in promoting ethical business practices for defense contractors? Find out when the Boeing Company's Ellen Ma...

(This show originally aired on July 11, 2017)

This week on “Off the Shelf”, Ellen Martin, vice president of Ethics and Business Conduct for The Boeing Company and Tom McDaniel, director of Ethics & Compliance for Harris Corporation, highlight the leading role the Defense Industry Initiative (DII) plays in promoting ethical, sound business practices for Defense contractors.

head shots of Martin and McDaniel
Ellen Martin & Tom McDaniel

Comprised of 77 member-companies, the DII is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a culture and practice of ethics and integrity in all business dealings with the Department of Defense.

Martin and McDaniel share insights regarding DII’s initiatives to promote best practices in business compliance programs for government contractors.

Martin discusses DII’s Small Business Toolkit, a comprehensive collection of resources for small and medium businesses to facilitate compliance with complex contractor regulations.  McDaniel highlights DII’s annual Best Practices Forum which brings ethics and compliance leaders and experts from across government and industry to share best practices and lessons learned.

Finally, Martin and McDaniel outline future DII initiatives and efforts to support sound, ethical business practices across the contractor community.

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