Emerging trends in the healthcare market

This week on Off the Shelf, Rick Suarez, senior vice president of US Market Access at AstraZeneca, shares his unique perspective on the healthcare market and the growing trend towards value-based arrangements/payments for pharma contracts.

Head shot of Rick Suarez
Rick Suarez, senior VP, US Market Access, AstraZeneca

Value-based arrangements are structured based on performance of a particular treatment tied to payment and reimbursement in contrast to the traditional quantity/volume discount driven arrangements. Value-based outcomes focus on outcomes across a subject patient population.

Suarez discusses growth of value-based payments and best practices in structuring arrangements to maximize value and care delivery. He also highlights some recent success stories and explains how value-based arrangements/contracts benefit patients, providers, payers and manufacturers.

Finally, Suarez shares his thoughts on the potential embrace of value-based arrangements in supporting veterans healthcare.


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