The state of interagency contracting

Alan Thomas, chief operating officer at IntelliBridge, joined host Roger Waldron on this week's Off the Shelf to discuss the state of interagency contracting, w...

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This week on Off the Shelf,  Alan Thomas, chief operating officer at IntelliBridge, discussed the state of interagency contracting, focusing on the Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) portfolio of governmentwide contract vehicles.

Alan Thomas, COO, Intellibridge

Thomas provided his take on FAS progress to date on BIC MAC and the implications for the federal services market, and shared his thoughts on impact of Schedules consolidation on customer agencies and contractors.

Thomas gave his thoughts on the potential for FAS Civilian Enterprise Office Solutions (CEOS), an acquisition which could improve security, drive standardization, and improve capability for remote work.

Thomas, as former FAS Commissioner, provided his unique perspective on technology modernization and the key budget priorities signaled by the Congressional commitment to the IT Modernization Fund.

Finally, he addressed supply chain and cyber security opportunities and challenges facing government and industry, including the role of the Federal Acquisition Security Council.

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