The evolution of Decision Intelligence

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This week on Off the Shelf, Alex Welch, US Federal Lead, Gartner Consulting Data & Analytics Practice, discusses how Decision Intelligence (DI) is supporting government decision-making.

Alex Welch, US Federal Lead, Gartner Consulting Data & Analytics Practice

Welch outlines the challenges facing government leaders as decision-making is increasingly complex, continuous, and contextual. She also explains how DI reengineers decision-making through data driven approaches that leverage human and machine interactions.

Welch highlights key features of DI and the fundamentals of sound decision-making in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. As part of the far ranging discussion, she addresses the increasing role artificial intelligence and data analytics are playing in decision-making.

Finally, Welch explains of how government decision-making is evolving through use of DI and the role Gartner consulting is playing supporting this evolution in decision-making.

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