The state of governmentwide contracting

Gormley Group President Bill Gormley joined host Roger Waldron on this week's Off the Shelf to discuss the state of governmentwide contracting, with a focus on ...

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This week on Off the Shelf,  Bill Gormley, president of the Gormley Group, shared his insights, analysis, and observations on the state of governmentwide contracting, with a focus on GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) program.

Head shot of Bill Gormley
Bill Gormley, president, The Gormley Group

Gormley provided his take on the impact of inflation and GSA’s response with regarding to its industry partners.

He shared his thoughts on GSA’s streamlined Economic Price Adjustment policy in response to inflation and whether the policy is being implemented as intended across the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

Gormley also addressed the shrinking industrial base and why it is harder now to do business with the government. Plus, he provided some needed suggestions and insights on streamlining acquisition in the current environment.

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