Bill Rowan

  • Executive Briefing Series: Evolving Cloud Strategies

    In this exclusive executive briefing, IT specialists discuss how federal agencies are approaching cloud computing.

  • Small agencies can be more nimble when modernizing IT, moving to the cloud

    But like large agencies, small ones still have to be able to take advantage of the technologies like cloud and emerging ones like machine learning or robotics process automation to modernize their services and improve their cyber postures.

  • How hybrid cloud is changing the models for security, meeting mission goals

    The adoption of a hybrid cloud model leads agencies down the path of creating an approach to security that is based on the zero trust model, where identity management helps define who has access and how that access is defined to specific data and applications.

  • Implementing a Multi Cloud Strategy

    Moving any enterprise to the cloud presents new challenges, particularly as data is moved off-premises. Over the last seven-plus years, agencies have faced many of those challenges as they decided what type of services in the cloud to implement.

  • Cloud, automation to help solve growing complexities in agency missions

    Bill Rowan, the vice president of federal sales for VMware, said the desire for mobility is driving agencies toward cloud services and software-defined networking to make data and applications available anywhere, at any time.