Bob Hale

  • This is what a shutdown will look like for DoD employees

    Essential employees will still go to work, but everyone else will be sitting at home.

  • What happens to defense workers if the government shuts down?

    Want to know if you’ll be going to work if the government isn’t funded? We’ll tell you here.

  • Budget options are aplenty for DoD as funding supplemental deadline nears

    The Trump administration needs to work around roadblocks, solidify its plans and use a pinch of skepticism to better the military.

  • DoD’s fuzzy math could hurt its future budgets

    The Defense Department builds economic assumptions and cost savings into its budget, but when those savings are too optimistic it hurts critical programs.

  • SES reforms must also focus on up-and-coming leaders

    A group of former and current federal executives advise against making the mobility provisions in the executive order to reform the Senior Executive Service too narrow.

  • No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to military personnel reform

    Defense experts urge the Senate Armed Services Committee to consider adding more flexibility to current promotional structures for military and civilian personnel. The Defense Officer Personnel Management Act, which Congress passed in 1980, is too outdated, they said.

  • Bob Hale: No CR is good for government

    Congress is up against several deadlines when it comes back from recess next week. It’s not just the Dec. 11 date, when the continuing resolution expires. The debt ceiling problem needs a solution by Nov. 5 and highway funding expires Oct. 29. One possible solution to the budget deadline is another CR that would last through the rest of fiscal 2016. Bob Hale, a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Undersecretary of Defense Comptroller, told In Depth with Francis Rose no CR is good for the department or the government.

  • Communication key in preparing for continuing resolution

    All signs point to the new fiscal year at starting under a continuing resolution. In Depth host Francis Rose says it’s a bad scenario, but by no means is it the worst.

  • Sequestration, 2016 spending deals remain far off, creating deeper budgetary holes for DoD

    Former Defense Department Comptroller Bob Hale wants Congress to learn from the past five years of budgetary turmoil. Congress has about 10 work days when it gets back from recess Sept. 8. – with no immediate sign of a budget deal for fiscal 2016.

  • Bob Hale: DoD prepares for possible CR from Congress

    The Department of Defense has a list of exceptions it wants Congress to consider if, or when, it passes a continuing resolution for the beginning of fiscal year 2016, Oct. 1. Bob Hale is a fellow at Booz Allen Hamilton and former undersecretary of defense comptroller. He dealt with several of the department’s requests for changes to previous-year budgets in his time there. He is out with a new publication through the Brookings Institution, called Budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from 2010 to 2014. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explains why he wanted to write it.