• Mid-sized firms feeling squeezed in federal market

    Most evidence anecdotal as there is no way to define these firms

  • Symbols and Signals

    You may have heard that Iran has launched its first satellite, but how will this affect President Barack Obama’s foreign policy and defense agendas? And what does it mean for the international community? James Lewis…

  • New guidelines to close 20 biggest cyber holes

    The guidelines, issued Monday by public and private sector cybersecurity experts, are considered the low-hanging fruit to help agencies improve their network security immediately, says John Gilligan, a former Air Force and Energy Department chief information officer.

  • One Side of H-1B

    This week marks the annual rush by employers petitioning Citizenship and Immigration Services for H-1B visas. Dean Garfield is the President of the Information Technology Industry Council. He joins us to talk about the future…

  • Could we be hacked back in time?

    Looking at real threats in an ether-based world

  • Analyzing the New Pentagon Budget Approach

    This Thursday Defense Secretary Robert Gates will release the Pentagon’s FY 2010 budget. Secretary Gates has talked about what priorities the budget will contain. The Senate Armed Services Committee called two experts on every aspect…

  • Quadrennial Defense Review

    Every four years, the Pentagon is tasked to produce a Quadrennial Defense Review. A big component of the forthcoming review will be the disposition of US forces overseas. The Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs…

  • NSC’s Melissa Hathaway talks cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity has turned into one of the most-often-heard buzz words in Washington. The person at the center of the administration’s cybersecurity policy thus far is Melissa Hathaway. She was a guest of the Center for…

  • Administration shows renewed sense of cyber-urgency

    President Obama has made a top-to-bottom review of cybersecurity throughout the government a priority, and is planning on naming a cybersecurity czar. Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is finalizing a plan to stand up a new military cybercommand. But what will these two new jobs really do for protecting the nation’s cyber infrastructure?

  • Federal Security Spotlight preview

    In the past several weeks, there have been some high-profile departures from the federal government’s cyber-security ranks. This week’s Federal Security Spotlight guest is Jim Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Host…