• House passes CR to keep govt open until Dec. 20, guarantee military pay raise

    The bill will now proceed to the Senate. The President will need to sign a bill before midnight on Nov. 21 to avoid a shutdown.

  • Pact reached to avert government shutdown through Dec. 20

    A top House lawmaker has announced that Congress will pass a governmentwide temporary spending bill to keep the government running through Dec. 20, forestalling a government shutdown as the House turns its focus to impeachment hearings

  • Sen. Cardin ‘hopeful’ to reach 3.1% raise during approps conference

    Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) is hopeful to secure a 3.1% raise during the conference on appropriations, and that Congress will pass a full budget before the CR expires.

  • 2020 pay raise model: From zero to 3.1 in six months

    The amount of the 2020 white collar federal pay raise will range anywhere from zero to 3.1% if federal unions and Democrats in the House have their way.

  • Retirement plan cuts: Round 26 coming up

    Worried about the fate of your federal retirement package? If you are nervous in the civil service, welcome to the club.

  • A 3.6 percent pay raise: What are the odds?

    With Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives, unions and groups representing workers, retirees, managers and executives are increasingly confident they can deliver a substantial raise to white collar feds next year.

  • Is the federal retirement system overdue for surgery?

    Some politicians have been after the Federal Employees Retirement System since it replaced the more generous Civil Service Retirement System program during the Reagan administration.

  • Beating bureaucrats is bad politics

    The Republican party could possibility retake control of the House in 2020 and might not have lost it in 2018 if more of its middle-America politicians learned a few things about federal bureaucrats.

  • State of the Union likely to show divide, budget deadline looms

    Bloomberg Editorial Director Loren Duggan shares what to expect from the State of the Union on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • The shameful shutdown

    Regardless of views on the wall or immigration or border security, commentator Jeff Neal believes most Americans can agree on one thing: This shutdown is a shameful display of politics and utter disregard for people.