• Homeland Security Committee

    The House Homeland Security Committee is one of more than 80 House and Senate organizations that oversee some part of the Homeland Security Department. Committee members–both Democrat and Republican–know that needs to change. Congressman Bennie…

  • House Homeland Security Committee

    Republicans on the the House Homeland Security Committee are concerned over the removal of several specific areas from the committee’s oversight plan. The Democrats detailed some of their agenda Wednesday during a business meeting. Several…

  • Divided Congress: Gridlock or opportunity?

    Politico, GovExec and Washington Post report on the divided Congress and the possibility of gridlock.

  • Post-election exodus: Up to 1,800 Dem staffers laid off

    Politico estimates as many as 1,800 Democratic staffers will lose their jobs after the Republican victories in the midterms.

  • Obama warns GOP he plans to use veto pen in 2015

    By JOSH LEDERMAN Associated Press HONOLULU (AP) — Bracing to do business with a Congress run solely by Republicans, President Barack Obama is serving notice he has no qualms about vetoing legislation he dislikes. This…

  • Democrats urge McConnell to include them in budget talks

    Senate Democrats want to launch bipartisan budget talks now. Wait any longer, they say, and it could be too late to stave off cuts or even a government shutdown.

  • David Hawkings: What to expect from a raucous DNC

    Never let it be said that political conventions aren’t interesting anymore. After an unpredictable and somewhat raucus week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the Democratic edition in Philadelphia is shaping up much the same way. David Hawkings is senior editor at Roll Call – he’s covering both conventions, and he joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin from Philadelphia.

  • Are feds Democrats or Republicans? Follow the money trail!

    As far as political giving goes, most feds don’t. Period. But of those that do, the vast majority donate to one political party.

  • Just how partisan are federal workers?

    Is it possible federal employees vote like their neighbors and that workers at the Pentagon may not vote like their colleagues at the EPA?

  • The Latest: Schumer says many Dems oppose spending bill

    Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says there’s “very, very strong” sentiment among Democrats to oppose a four-week government-wide funding bill that’s slated for a House vote Thursday