• EEOC attorney finds creative ways to uphold antidiscrimination laws

    For nearly three decades, Robert A. Canino has been a champion for the underdog, finding creative solutions to protect the most vulnerable from discrimination.

  • Robert Canino, Regional Attorney, Dallas District Office, EEOC

    Creativity helps a federal attorney catch the bad guys. Robert Canino is regional attorney at the Dallas District Office for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He’s a finalist for a Service to America medal in the Career Achievement category for his history of creative legal prosecutions. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained how he uses civil rights law to prosecute human trafficking cases. View a photo gallery of Sammies finalists. Read an exclusive Q&A with Canino.

  • Upcoming training for federal employees

    WIFLE president Cathy Sanz and Dexter Brooks, with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, will discuss upcoming federal employee training programs that their organizations are sponsoring. August 8, 2014

  • Victoria Lipnic, commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    The EEOC explores social media in the workplace.

  • Think before you post: EEOC cases show pitfalls of social media in the workplace

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission held a meeting Wednesday to examine how social media impacts employees’ claims of discrimination — either in the workplace, itself, or during the hiring process. The law is still struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology, experts told the commission. Still, two cases from EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations offer insight into the complex legal issues surrounding just one errant tweet or ill-conceived Facebook post.

  • EEOC revises procedures for sorting out EEO and HR conflicts

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is seeking public input on significant changes to the directive that provides guidance for federal agencies when it comes to EEO policies and procedures.

  • EEOC: Women still face bias in hiring, advancement in federal service

    A recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report says woman face significant obstacles, including bias, when it comes to hiring and advancement in the federal workforce.

  • Grassroots organization breaks barriers for feds with disabilities

    Federal Employees with Disabilities, or FEDs, is an organization that promotes equality in the workplace for persons with disabilities. FEDs focuses on addressing inclusion and breaking attitudinal barriers.

  • Managing your agency’s mobile devices

    Kim Hancher, the chief information officer at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, will hsare her ideas on mobile device management August 6, 2013

  • Feds’ silver lining stalked by dark cloud

    All of a sudden, things are looking up. The IRS has canceled at least one planned furlough day and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has scrubbed round two of its tough furlough policy. So what’s not to like? Some feds say the reason the silver lining is so bright is that it is framed by a very large, very dark cloud, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.