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  • Bear takes chunk out of TSP millionaires club

    For the past decade the number of self-made millionaires in the federal Thrift Savings Plan has been growing steadily. peaking in September. But the last quarter of 2018 saw the market fall.

  • Shutdown assignment: Taking care of number one

    Regardless of age, experience, grade, location or job federal workers today fall into one of two categories, neither of which is good.

  • Market timing 101

    Like many saving for retirement, lots of federal-military investors in the Thrift Savings Plan don’t like what they are seeing, reading, hearing and feeling about 2018’s roller coaster stock market.

  • Balancing worklife, cash flow and sanity

    Consider the tens of thousands of federal workers are wondering and many are asking if they are going to get the day before Christmas Eve off with pay. An equal number of federal workers also are wondering if there is going to be a partial shutdown.

  • Most TSP funds see slight comeback in November

    Thrift Savings Plan data released on Monday show most November returns taking a u-turn from previous month’s red levels.

  • Stock market heading south? Nervous TSP investors want answers

    Few people alive today remember the Great Depression, but millions of nervous investors, some in the civil service, wonder how much longer this record bull market can last.

  • TSP returns tumble even lower in October, many in the red

    The bull market may finally be over, as TSP data released on Thursday shows all funds except one were bleeding red in October.

  • Stock market making you nervous?

    October, as it sometimes does, once again proved to be a scary month for folks invested in the stock market. We didn’t have a Black Friday circa 1929 event. And we are a long way…

  • TSP and the stock market: Is the honeymoon over?

    After basking in the longest bull market in stock market history, many people with optional retirement accounts are wondering if unhappy days are here again.

  • TSP or Powerball: Your call

    If you are associated with the government there are a couple of ways to become a millionaire — legally: Buy a lottery ticket or max out in the Thrift Savings Plan.