Michael Horowitz

  • Insider threats, homegrown terrorists and prison overpopulation top list of Justice Department challenges

    Facing an aging workforce and unanswered questions over the legality of some of its work, Justice Department leaders will have several challenging problems to deal with in the new year.

  • 5 federal workforce bills the Senate passed last weekend

    The Senate had a busy weekend, passing five major pieces of legislation that will impact veterans, inspectors general, FBI whistleblowers and others before the close of the 114th Congress.

  • Michael Horowitz: Justice IG uncovers troubles at FBI, DEA

    In two significant studies, the Justice Department’s inspector general found the FBI does an accurate job stopping gun sales to the ineligible. But why do such people often get guns? The IG also found the Drug Enforcement Administration still has serious problems policing use of informants. IG Michael Horowitz shares his insight on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Senate committee backs IG community’s pursuit for better records access

    The Senate gave the federal watchdogs a shot in the arm this week with the release of a new report that confirmed some long-held concerns within the inspectors general community.

  • In celebration of whistleblowers, oversight community says ‘We’re listening’

    In the first event of its kind, the oversight community touted the importance of whistleblowers and their contributions in combating waste, fraud and abuse at a National Whistleblower Appreciation Day event on Capitol Hill.

  • Tracking grant performance: the difference between outputs and impacts

    Rep. Mark Meadows wants to see improved reporting on the results of grants, both qualitative and quantitative, to reduce instances of waste within 60 days.

  • House lawmakers say agency oversight of firearms is ‘deplorable’

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee interrogated three federal executives about their firearms management, or lack thereof.

  • Michael Horowitz: Prison bureau pays premium price for medical care

    Medicare payment rates are supposed to set the medical payment rates for all federal agencies. They do, with one notable exception, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a part of the Justice Department. The Justice Inspector General found that the bureau actually pays a premium to its outside medical providers. Justice IG Michael Horowitz tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin how that can be fixed

  • DEA improperly paid TSA workers as confidential informants, IG says

    The Justice Department inspector general said the Drug Enforcement Agency has been paying federal employees to serve as informants in instances where they were just doing their day jobs.

  • Michael Horowitz: IGs asking Congress to help protect their oversight capabilities

    Federal inspectors general are asking Congress to do away with what they say are legal barriers agencies are throwing up to keep information away from their in-house watchdogs. Information the inspectors general say they need to complete their investigations. Now they’re fighting back with a legislative package. Michael Horowitz is chairman of the Council of Inspectors General and IG at the Justice Department, where the blockage started. In an interview on Federal Drive with Tom Temin, Horowitz outlined the problem and the strategy for fixing it.