Mitch McConnell

  • Reporter’s Notebook: A new day on the Hill

    Day One of the 111th Congress is now history. Federal News Radio’s Max Cacas has a page from his Reporter’s Notebook.

  • GOP and Dems agree: Tough budget decisions ahead

    Politico reports on the various proposals coming from both sides of the aisles. None seem to stand out as favorable among lawmakers. The only thing Democrats and Republicans do agree on is that the budget decisions will be tough.

  • FY 2012 budget readied for Valentine’s Day release

    President Barack Obama is expected to submit his budget request for fiscal 2012 on Valentines Day. Already there’s not much love lost between the parties. Republicans want to cut $55 billion from the budget. The president’s new chief of staff is asking ”where’s the beef?”

  • Parties urge ‘adult’ dialogue on budget issues

    Mark Plotkin, WTOP Political Analyst

  • Draft executive order gives industry heartburn

    White House is considering issuing an executive order that would require vendors to submit information about their political contributions as part of their bid proposal package. Industry associations say the proposal wouldn’t keep political influence out of the acquisition process, but likely add it in. The administration claims the draft order is all about greater transparency and accountability.

  • House votes to block contractor disclosure

    Three members of the House and four members of the Senate introduce companion pieces of legislation to head off the White House’s draft executive order requiring contractors to disclose political contributions.

  • Unions rally against debt-limit retirement cuts

    The two largest federal unions are urging feds to stand up against proposed cuts to federal pay and retirement by calling Congressional leaders and rallying in New York. Last week, 21 federal unions sent a letter to Treasury and OMB demanding to know what would happen to federal employees should Congress and the White House fail to raise the debt ceiling but got no response.

  • Reid not sure Congress can avert shutdown

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said it’s possible there will be a government shutdown at the end of this month.

  • Weekend session possible after failed House CR vote

    A six-week continuing resolution did not pass the House in a vote today. The government runs out of funds on Sept. 30 if Congress does not pass a bill. What’s more, lawmakers face a shortened deadline to sort out 2012 funding — Congress will be in recess all next week.

  • Senators call for bipartisan push to prevent sequestration

    Six senators sent a letter to their Senate leaders asking for a bipartisan effort to end the threat of automatic, across-the-board budget cuts due to take effect in January.