Nycci Nellis

  • Finally get your piece of the pie

    Two new places in D.C. to get a premium pizza.

  • Duck, duck, meatball

    The Blue Duck Tavern takes care of its “ducklings” and Manhattan’s Meatball Shop sets up shop in D.C.

  • It’s easier than you think being green

    Using rooftops for a greener Washington, a Mexican liquor that can make you green around the gills, and chef Vic Albisu finds new ways to rake in the green.

  • Me? I’m a meat and champagne kind of person

    On this summer Sunday we’re sipping champagne, talking better than pasture-raised and organic meats, and more.

  • Making healthful eating easier

    We get tips on what to eat and learn about a couple of ways to have good-for-you food brought to you.

  • Summertime, and the listenin’ is easy!

    A Food Network winning chef opens a restaurant near Nationals Park in time for baseball’s all-star game.

  • Lamb Jam and other fun

    Guests include the GM of the Sagamore Pendry Hotel, John and Sukey Jamison from Jamison Farm and Jenn Segul, author of Once Upon A Chef.

  • We grill a grilling expert

    The author of “How to Grill Everything” and the man who brought fine dining to the other Washington, the “little” one, in Virginia.

  • Everybody’s in fine spirits

    Representatives of various countries engage in a spirited discussion on the merits of their best alcoholic drinks.

  • The long and winey road

    A wine bar that offers only wines from Latin America and another that features a 300-person music venue. Plus, meet a real Swedish chef!