Nycci Nellis

  • Charity begins at the dinner table

    We talk about a couple of great events that support local charities.

  • Loco for local

    There’s something for everyone this week as we talk with local makers of pizza, beer, wine, bars, Ethiopian dips, and Vietnamese yogurt.

  • Manna from a museum

    The people who run Manna, the signature restaurant at D.C.’s new Museum of the Bible, bring in a sample of the namesake biblical food.

  • Everything’s coming up David – Feb. 25, 2018

    Nycci Nellis and her co-host, husband David, find a trio of other Davids to talk to today: a couple of whiskey experts and a mixologist. Plus a couple of guys named Haidar and Peter, who’ll introduce you to their new restaurants.

  • Just south of Tuscany – Feb. 11, 2018

    We explore the wines and foods of Umbria, the Italian region just to the south of Tuscany.

  • Guas up – Feb. 4, 2018

    New Orleans’ favorite son, chef David Guas, joins David Nellis in hosting today’s show.

  • Everybody has a heritage – Jan. 21, 2018

    Exploring heritage beef, heritage Italian cuisine and the winemaking heritage of Lebanon.

  • Of skinny salamis and honeybars – Jan. 14, 2018

    We learn why these salamis are so skinny and what a honeybar is.

  • Keeping the Chesapeake foodshed sustainable

    Dena Leibman, executive director of Future Harvest, Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, tells how Future Harvest works to build a sustainable Chesapeake Foodshed from farm and fishery to table.

  • The many flavors of: Cuba, Southeast Asia, cotton candy – Dec. 17, 2017

    A cookbook author unveils the regional facets of Cuban cuisine, TenPenh comes back with a gourmand’s virtual tour of Southeast Asia, and a pair of young entrepreneurs comes up with 15 flavors of cotton candy.