Section 846

GSA’s Section 846 CPI: Accessing the possibilities

With GSA’s release of the Commercial Platform Initiative solicitation, the Coalition for Government Procurement believes that the prudent implementation…

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Section 889 meets Section 846: Challenges remain but so do opportunities

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Opportunity for addressing fundamental questions surrounding e-commerce

The Coalition for Government Procurement supports GSA’s decision to hold an e-commerce industry day next week to discuss the future of the Multiple Award…

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Under the radar: The Air Force’s e-commerce ‘pilot’

As threshold matter, the Air Force pilot overlaps the Section 846 e-commerce effort underway at GSA and OMB.

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Headshot of Larry Allen

All things contracting with Larry Allen

What are the chances of a government shutdown in fiscal year 2019? Find out when Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center. July 9, 2018

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