security clearance process

Jessica Hrabrosky, Office of Strategic Communications/ODNIStuart Graham retrieving potential threat information to analyze and inform the Intelligence Community at the National Counterterrorism Center

Intel agencies look to build skills through public-private talent exchange

The intelligence community’s “public-private talent exchange” will start with an initial cohort of IC officers doing rotational assignments at companies…

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DARPA launches new program to let small innovators behind the classified curtain

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Most federal employees are now in the continuous evaluation system, but how do you gauge if its working or not?

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Security clearances in the age of Covid-19

This week on Fed Access, Evan Lesser, founder and president of, joins host Derrick Dortch to discuss how the security clearance process…

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While the security clearance process is improving, adjudications could use some attention

One backlog goes down, another one pops up. That’s how it is in the background security clearance process.

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Lots of under-35s work for the government, just not in it

You’ll find larger numbers of young people working on federal contracts rather than at the awarding agencies.

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