Crime Friendly ISP Offline

P2P networks a treasure trove of leaked health care data, study finds; DHS contracts immixGroup to support C3

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  • It could be a small win in the fight against malicious botnets. An Internet service provider known for hosting command and control channels for the Zeus botnet has been knocked offline. Media reports say the company was based in Russia. The take-down happened when the firm’s upstream service provider shut down it’s connection. But it’s unclear what effect this will have; often, hackers who run botnets move to other service providers.
  • Widespread leaks of health care electronic files with patient-identifiable information are taking place via peer-to-peer networks. The leaks occur eight months after enactment of new federal rules for protecting electronic health information. ComputerWorld reports, the loss of records was discovered by researchers at Dartmouth University, who will present their findings at a security symposium today. Results show 3,000 files with information on tens of thousands of people escaping the systems of health care organizations.
  • DHS has selected immixGroup Inc. to provide software applications, network and cybersecurity systems support services. Virginia’s information technology solutions provider immixGroup received the award to support the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Cyber Crimes Center, or C3, including agency’s Child Exploitation, Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics and Cyber Training divisions. UPI reports ImmixGroup says its Information Technology Solutions unit will be expected to provide C3’s software applications, network and cybersecurity systems with operational support and maintenance among other requirements.

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