Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 28, 2013

Eric Green of NIH talks about his agency's search for a top data scientist. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley of Georgetown University discusses a new meditation program sh...

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Today’s guests:

Eric Green
National Human Genome Research Institute

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The National Institutes of Health may be a victim of its own success. Recent advances in bio technology have created so much data that it’s hard to make sense of it all. NIH is launching a major initiative to crunch all those numbers. The first step is recruiting a top data scientist. Until it hires someone permanently, Eric Green is filling in. He’s the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. He starts at the beginning with the definition of data science.

Dr. Elizabeth Stanley
associate professor of security studies
Georgetown University

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We’ve heard of mind over matter. Now the Marine Corps is taking that to heart by expanding its fitness training to include meditation and other exercises for the mind. It ran a successful pilot program. Now it’s offering an eight-week course at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Dr. Elizabeth Stanley, a professor at Georgetown University and an Army captain, is the founder of the Mind Fitness Training Institute, which developed the course.

David Capozzi
executive director
Access Board

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Agencies will have to make their websites, electronic documents and other technology easier for employees with disabilities to use. The Access Board is issuing new Section 508 standards for the first time since 2001. It’s not happening overnight. The board is voting on a proposal in March and a final rule is months away.

William Pretzer
senior curator of history
National Museum of African American History and Culture

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Our next guest had a very special job to do as he roamed the crowd on the National Mall for the inauguration last week. As curator of the forthcoming National Museum of African American History and Culture, he spent the day searching the crowd for possible artifacts, handmade memorabilia of the second inauguration of the first African American president. William Pretzer is senior curator for history at the National Museum of African American History and Culture scheduled to open in 2015.


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