What is the best date for you to retire?

(This show originally aired on Federal News Radio on May 27, 2015.)

Timing isn’t necessarily everything. But it can be very, very important. Like when you retire. By picking the right date (or dates), feds can maximize their income for that year, minimize taxes for the following year and get the most money out of their unused annual leave.

So what should you be doing right now? Five years from now? And what’s the best date to retire?

You can jump-start your retirement income-building by listening to benefits expert Tammy Flanagan, this week’s guest on Your Turn with host Mike Causey. Flanagan is with the National Institute of Transition Planning. She’s done hundreds of onsite sessions in agencies across the world. In short, she knows it all, including the all-important best date or dates to retire.

She is also taking part in her own phased-retirement program, and will tell you what your options may be when/if your agency adopts it.

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