What shape is your boss in?

The last two years of any lame duck administration can be tough on career federal executives. Although they will survive the change in administrations the so-called final days present unique problems.

Today  on  Your Turn , host Mike Causey will talk with Carol Bonosaro. She’s president of the Senior Executives Association, which represents most of the 5,000 plus carr SESers at the $121,956 to $183,300 pay range.

SEA wants to find out details of an alleged management hit-list compiled by union members at the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was first reported by The Washington Post.  At issue is whether there is such a list, and was it done by union members on official (paid) time.

Bonosaro is also concerned about a report based on an employee job survey last year by the Office of Personnel Management.   The report was analyzed by outside experts. They  concluded that managers and executives thought the government promotion and awards program is a lot better than rank-and-file workers see it. Bonosaro said she felt the analysis was “flawed”.  She said some SES members may have felt pressured to give overly glowing reviews to their program.

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