ACT-IAC Accelerating Government Episode 7: Polarity Management

This episode features Barry Johnson, an award-winning author and founder of Polarity Partnerships, LLC.

On this episode, we talk with award-winning author Barry Johnson about his groundbreaking work in polarity management, helping us recognize that while we are extremely adept at identifying and solving problems, many times in life we are actually faced with a polarity of two related things that must be managed together. The risks of not recognizing polarities include severely limiting both our options and our ability to make things better. Understanding and effectively managing polarities will have a profound and positive impact on both your personal and professional life!


Barry Johnson, award-winning author and founder of Polarity Partnerships, LLC. His new books are “And – Volume 1:  Foundations,” and the companion volume, “And – Volume 2:  Applications.”


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Barry’s books are available on his website and elsewhere online.

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