CFO Council extends contract to build debt-collection dashboard

GSA also renews a contract to improve its human resources shared service provider effort. The Federal Acquisition Institute will hold an industry day in Nove...

The end of the fiscal year always leads to a few interesting notices on

The General Services Administration issued two recently that are justifications and approvals to extend contracts on programs.

The first is an extension for the CFO Council’s development of the Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR) initiative.

GSA, which serves as the acquisition and management arm of all the CXO councils, is extending its contract with Booz Allen Hamilton for another seven months for $280,000.

Under the TROR initiative, Booz Allen created a dashboard “to help agencies better manage their delinquent debt portfolio and use data analytics to improve management oversight and compliance requirements outlined in the Debt Collection Improvement Act and OMB A-129 circular.”

GSA is giving Booz Allen until May 31 to complete two main tasks:

  • Maintain and update the existing Excel-based tool in use.
  • Plan and gather aspects for building a more robust online tool

At the conclusion of this project, the council should have the documentation, requirements, plans and other critical information needed to enter into a build phase for a new web-based TROR tool,” stated the justification and approval notices on from Oct. 5. “Using quarterly data currently included in the TROR, CFO Act agencies can track debt portfolios by a range of performance metrics, including debt type, age, collection referrals, and write-offs. Agencies have already begun leveraging the new TROR Dashboard to analyze their debt portfolios and identify opportunities to improve management of their debt portfolios.

HR LOB help

The second notice is an extension to Deloitte to help GSA create program-management practices for its Human Resources Line of Business shared- service center.

GSA was not one of five providers under the HR LOB started in 2006, but has since been added, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

Under the seven-month, $549,000 deal, Deloitte will provide support and advice to “help GSA refocus and optimize CPO (chief people officer) to attract customers, offset cost and maximize service efficiency,” according to the notice. “The contractor will also make recommendations, provide tools and templates to operate and govern a successful external Line of Business office within the framework of a federal human capital servicing organization.”

Deloitte already has helped GSA develop cost and chargeback models.

In an October 2011 report on its HR LOB efforts, OPM says GSA is doing a fair job as a shared-service provider for 39 mostly small agencies and commissions.

FAI RFPs coming

Finally, a third notice that vendors may be a bit more interested in sets up an industry day for the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI).

FAI plans to release two requests for proposal — one for strategically sourced training for contracting officers, contracting officer’s representatives and program managers; and a second one for strategically sourced curricula development for certification training in the three areas as well as agency- specific acquisition subject matter course development.

“RFPs are intended to be used governmentwide to fulfill most agency requirements for acquisition related commercial off-the-shelf course delivery as well as new curricula development for new certification training courses and agency specific custom course development,” the notice on stated. “FAI’s goal is to have the training delivery contract(s) awarded by June of 2013 to fulfill the FY2014-2018 training catalog and to award the content development contract(s) by September of 2013 to fulfill curricula development efforts for FY2014 – 2018.”

FAI will hold the industry day Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. at GSA headquarters in Washington.


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