SEWP is hot!

Joanne Woytek, program director of NASA SEWP, joins host Mark Amtower on Amtower Off Center, to discuss the program's recent growth, and shares her vision on ho...

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This week on Amtower Off Center, host Mark Amtower is joined by Joanne Woytek, program director of NASA SEWP.

Group photo of Woytek and Amtower
Joanne Woytek and Mark Amtower

Topics discussed include:

  • SEWPs recent growth (last five years)
  • how SEWP manages 143 contractors (110 of which are small businesses) and 7,200+ OEMs
  • new features of the SEWP program for both industry and federal buyers
  • pending changes to the SEWP web site
  • her vision for the “customer journey,” to make buying from and selling through SEWP as seamless as possible

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