Marketing in the time of the coronavirus crisis

Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing joins host Mark Amtower on this week's Amtower Off Center to discuss the state of marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

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This week on Amtower Off Center, host Mark Amtower interviews return guest Lee Frederiksen of Hinge Marketing on marketing under the current conditions brought about by the Coronavirus.

Head shot of Lee Frederiksen
Lee Frederiksen, Hinge Marketing

Topics include:

  • overall marketing advice for trying times
  • the big jump is using social networks to reach co-workers, customers and prospects
  • the importance of “social etiquette” and social selling skills in the current environment
  • new research from Hinge Marketing on how employees think their respective companies are doing under these circumstances
  • the need to measure marketing programs more quickly and adjust

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