Supercommittee recs, Postal Service’s future

Host Mike Causey will discuss the big issues facing feds with Federal News Radio\'s Francis Rose, Federal Times editor Steve Watkins and senior reporter Sean Re...

Host Mike Causey is joined by Francis Rose, host of Federal News Radio’s In Depth program.

Supercommittee ‘swamped’ with advice

Federal Times editor Steve Watkins outlines of the debt reduction proposals committee leaders have submitted to the super committee.

“Everyone’s throwing everything in the kitchen sink at them,” Watkins said.

Suggestions from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee, included extending the federal pay freeze through 2015, increasing defined benefit contributions and eliminating the defined benefit for new hires.

Some of these proposals could cut spending in the short-term but have unintended consequences, Watkins said.

Eliminating FERS “pokes a huge whole in, Are people going to make federal government a career?” he said.

Check out the supercommittee tracker to find out about more recommendations from lawmakers.

USPS future

Federal Times senior reporter Sean Reilly said the proposals to fix the Postal Service have a “complete lack of consensus.”

“It’s really not clear where you can find any common ground that can pass Congress and be signed by the White House,” Reilly said.


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