What is the Broadcasting Board of Governors?

Bruce Sherman and Jeffrey Trimble from the Broadcasting Board of Governors join host Derrick Dortch to talk about the organization. April 27, 2012(Encore presen...

April 27, 2012 — This week on Fed Access, host Derrick Dortch is joined by two members of the management team at the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Bruce Sherman is the director of the board’s Office of Strategy and Development, and Jeffrey Trimble is the deputy director of the board’s International Broadcasting Bureau.

They will talk about the organization’s mission, its audience, how it operates, and its plans for the future.

The BBG is a federal agency that oversees all U.S. government-funded broadcasts that are produced for international audiences, including the Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Radio and TV Marti, and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks.

Those programs distribute content in fifty nine languages and reach 180 million people around the world each week.

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