Virtualization 2.0

Tom Simmons, area vice president for Citrix, details the tools provided by his company to help you manage virtualization in a more effective manner. May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012 — The concept of server virtualization was so compelling that it has been adopted throughout the federal government.

It has become such a mature concept that companies like Citrix have developed offerings that go beyond the initial products.

Tom Simmons is the area vice president for Citrix Public Sector.

On today’s show, Simmons will talk about two basic concepts of “advanced” virtualization: managing multiple servers and moving virtualization to the desktop.

Cirtrix has an offering called NetScaler – it helps systems managers handle bandwidth variations on servers.

Today, virtual servers need to scale up quickly, but also need to be able to scale down and “in.”

NetScaler gives federal systems the flexibility to handle what is commonly called dynamic elasticity.

Apple sold almost forty billion dollars’ worth of mobile devices in the first quarter of 2102 — one key element in managing a wide range of devices on a federal network is to deploy desktop virtualization in order to increase security and reduce cost.

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