Managing change at your agency

Rick Kerestesy and Doug Berry from the Ambit Group discuss how federal CIO's can effectively enact and manage change. March 22, 2013

March 26, 2013 — In federal agencies, no two chief information officers are alike.

Federated or centralized organizations shape who and how decisions are made.

Be it data consolidation, moving into – or out of – the cloud, migrating systems, or enhancing information security, all CIOs are placed in an interesting position between technology, strategy and finance.

The demands come top-down, bottom-up — from the building’s top floor or from the building at 1600 Penn.

While juggling the ongoing changes from a dynamic industry – and applying it within the federal government – CIOs are also asked to be soothsayers, reading the tea leaves to improve efficiency, performance and reducing costs — right now!

Rick Kerestesy, vice president for Strategic Information for the Ambit Group, and Doug Berry, vice president for Technology Solutions, also from the Ambit Group, help deliver strategic and IT management services to the federal government.

They join us today to discuss how CIOs can enact real change, in an environment where everything is changing.

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