Understanding challenges in federal procurement

Scott Keough & Dwight Gibbs, Contraqer

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February 24, 2015 — Today’s interview is with Scott Keough, president, and Dwight Gibbs, CEO, at Contraqer.

Many federal agencies are looking a cloud solutions – this means not only changes in technology but drastic alterations in the way that technology solutions are acquired.

Keough and Gibbs have a wide range of experience in both the federal and commercial world, and can give the federal information technology professional as well as the commercial provider insight on best practices for this rapidly changing environment.

During the interview they talk about some of the challenges in acquiring rapidly changing technology.

The discussion included Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACS), and the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996.

There are some misconceptions about NASA’s SEWP V that Keough details. In fact, these contracts are getting so complicated that there is a Contract Holder User Manual (CHUM) that is provided so vendors can understand the new methods of procurement.

Cloud-based technology forces everyone, from federal procurement people to technology providers to look at new methods like NASA’s SEWP V.


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