The keys to effective records management

Tyler Morris and April Chen, with Iron Mountain Government Services, join host John Gilroy to discuss a recent survey that looks at the records management chall...

June 17, 2015 — Today’s interview is with Tyler Morris, director of Product Management, and April Chen, product manager for Iron Mountain Government Services.

They were in the studio to discuss the results of a recent study by Market Connections.

Federal management’s confidence in appropriate information management practices is lacking as a result of the enormous growth of volume in records coupled with deficiencies in training, awareness and resources, according to a new survey from Iron Mountain Incorporated, a leading provider of storage and information management services.

The purpose of the study was to identify the current state of records and information management (RIM) confidence levels among key federal managers, including records professionals and Lines of Business (LOB) management.

This program will discuss the findings of the survey and provide recommendations for agencies to further advance their RIM program based on an information economics approach in which agencies can adopt strategies to better information security, governance and access that will ultimately lead to maximum information value, or return on information.

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