Delivering on digital

Today’s guest is Bill Eggers, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Government Insights. The topic of the interview is a new book about innovation in the federal government.

Headshot of Bill Eggers
Bill Eggers, executive director, Deloitte Center for Government Insights

The term “hack” had evolved in meaning over the years.  Initially, it had a bad connotation of someone who had a creative solution to a software problem.   The term now is applied to creative ways to solve a much wider range of problems.  Deloitte uses the term “hack” to describe original ways for the federal government to hire, lead, deliver projects, and accomplish procurement and security objectives.

The name of the book is “Delivering on Digital:  The Innovators and Technologies That Are Transforming Government”.  The interview roughly follows the seven chapters in the book. Keeping up with the theme of “hacking” we discuss “hacking” training, delivery, procurement, and cybersecurity.

Eggers understands that federal agencies are in a transition state where they may not have budget or staff to accomplish all their goals.  His desire is to show how other similar organizations took troubling times and used creativity to solve the problem.


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