Cyberstrategy from the Motley Fool to DHS to Cyber Strategy Ventures

Head shot of Barron-DiCamillo
Ann Barron-DiCamillo, CTO, Strategic Cyber Ventures

Today’s guest is Ann Barron-DiCamillo, the CTO of Strategic Cyber Ventures.  She brings her extensive background to giving guidance on many cybersecurity issues.

Barron-DiCamillo has experience on Capitol Hill, working for a financial company, working for several agencies an now on a startup.  Her background gives her a “full orb” perspective on the state of cyber strategy in the federal government.

During the discussion, she spoke on an equally wide range of topics, including Ron Ross at NIST and the early days of Vivek Kundra and his prescient goal of moving to the cloud.

One curious observation that Barron-DiCamillo made was the question of the state of cyber defense. She was at a conference, and the panel was asked if the cyber war were in the perspective of a baseball game, what inning would it be.  In the interview she responded that it wasn’t in the third inning, we weren’t even starting spring training.





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