IT Modernization: Moving from “Why” to “How”

Our guest is Dave McClure.  Many listeners know him for his years of service as a leader in the area of technical innovation from GSA. Today, he is the principal director of Accenture Federal Services.

Head shot of Dave McClure
Dave McClure, principal director, Accenture Federal Services

Because of his wide background in commercial and federal systems, many federal information technology leaders look to McClure for insight into the massive digital transformation that is starting the face of most listeners.

The focus of the interview is the Federal CIO Playbook on IT Modernization that Accenture has just released.  McClure delves into some big topics – how can an agency fund modernization initiatives? How can today’s federal leaders collaborate to define objectives? The final part— how to prioritize those goals.

When the Modernizing Government Technology Act was passed, one glaring omission was instructions on how to implement its provisions. McClure gives some opinions on moving away from legacy systems and some long-term strategy for modernization.

Most of McClure’s suggestions are practical – a high-level way to get things done.


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