Salesforce: Storing data in a secure cloud

Paul Tatum, senior vice president of Solution Engineering - Public Sector at Salesforce, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss case...

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Most listeners do not know that Salesforce is used in every federal agency. This fact would be a surprise to most federal IT leaders; it sure was a surprise to me.

Paul Tatum is the senior vice president of Solution Engineering — Public Sector at Salesforce, and he joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to explain how a company like Salesforce helps agencies hit their goals.

When Salesforce began in 1999 it was focused on commercial organizations who wanted to give their salespeople better tools to deepen their relationship with customers. The key word here is “relationship.”

Paul Tatum
Paul Tatum, senior vice president, Solutions Engineering – Public Sector, Salesforce

Over the decades, Salesforce has discovered that the term “relationship” isn’t limited to people seeking to make a purchase. Federal agencies have relationships with people who have medical claims, tax claims and many other areas of concern. Why not take a tool that is proven in the commercial arena and apply it to the federal world?

Tatum details how Salesforce has expanded capabilities to include case management, assisting teams in collaborating, handling IoT data, and even storing files securely. During the conversation, he mentions how they are partnering with Amazon Web Services to help federal agencies integrate and store data in a safe and secure cloud.

Today’s Salesforce is modernizing engagement in the government cloud — whether the customer is a warfighter or aerospace service technician.

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