Acronis SCS: Helping your agency protect its data

Neil Proctor, vice president of Engineering R&D at Acronis SCS, joins host John Gilroy on this week's Federal Tech Talk to discuss how his company can help a fe...

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Last month well known Ron Ross from NIST said that we must assume malicious actors are inside the perimeter. The best antidote to this environment is resiliency, this is a terminology that points to backing up data.

Neil Proctor, Acronis SCS

Neil Proctor, is the vice president of Engineering R&D at Acronis SCS, and he joined host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss how a company with 300 patents, Acronis SCS, can help a federal agency accomplish the goal of resiliency.

To reinforce some of Ron Ross’s comments, last year the DoD revealed it had a Crypto Botnet inside its network. Further, DISA also indicated it had 200,000 users impacted by a data breach. The answer? Have a backup strategy that will work even in a compromised system.

Some of these systems can become compromised by trusted vendors. The SolarWinds concern is a good example. During the interview, Proctor mentioned something called a “Bill of Materials.”

Traditionally, this is a list of components in a physical product. Proctor expands this definition to include software packages. One part of supply chain management is to have a good grasp of the software that is in your system.

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