Digital transition in the federal government

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This week on Federal Tech Talk, host John Gilroy interviews Presidio Federal General Manager Clara Conti and Chief Technology Officer Craig Heartwell. Presidio Federal is a relatively new company, yet its team has decades of experience. We looked at how that experience can assist the federal government in its modernization challenge.

In a May executive order on cybersecurity from the White House, one key phrase said, “The federal government needs to make bold changes.” It is all well and good to write that kind of a sentence in a document but quite another to accomplish any kind of modernization in a large federal system.

Clara Conti & Craig Heartwell, Presidio Federal

Conti and Heartwell have decades of successful experience in helping agencies make digital transitions, whether they are “bold” or not. Conti has a focus on maintaining relationships with a wide variety of vendors to assemble the correct package for a specific federal concern.

Heartwell looks at federal technology problems from a person who began programming at an early age. This gives him the capability to look in-depth at a problem and understand the essential issues that may not have anything to do with a cloud service provider, but perhaps, a strategic design structure.

He dives deeper into design when he talks about going beyond the cloud with applying automation to something he calls “network as a service.”

For those wishing to dig deeper into Presidio Federal, the company sponsors an annual Digital Transformation Forum that provides more details on modernization for federal agencies.

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