For many wine lovers, plastic is fantastic

A local business is growing quickly on the premise that those who rosè all day will really love an unbreakable bottle.

Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:
• Bodegas Tempore Wines is an independent brand of four organic and vegan wines produced in Spain’s Aragon region. Alejandra Sarmiento of Bodegas Tempore joins us long-distance and Eric Platt, president of Artisans and Vines, the Bodegas distributor, is in studio to fill our cups with Bodegas Tempore wine;
• Has it been five years already? Yep – and so, the fifth annual DMV Black Restaurant Week starts Nov. 6. Dr. Erinn Tucker-Oluwole, the event’s cofounder, and Chef Jeffeary (Jeff) Miskiri, the founder and chief executive officer of the Miskiri Hospitality Group, an inspiring collective of Black, family- and woman-owned products and restaurants in and around D.C., are here with all the details;

• Next is a story of starting small and making it big – very big. Dario Wolos is the founder of Tacombi, a food and beverage taqueria and consumer products company that started as a makeshift food stand on a Mexican beach. Today, Tacombi has grown to 14 locations in New York, Miami and Washington D.C., and has 75 more planned;

A crisp, full-bodied rosè in a plastic bottle? What!? Born in the pandemic, NautiLife brings you a great potable in an unbreakable bottle. Annapolitans Marina Anglim and Tracy Seybert founded the company and, with help from the omnipresent—and possibly omniscient–Eric Platt of Artisans and Vine, they are taking off like a rocket.

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